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Gk computer questions and answersGk computer questions and answers
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Gk computer questions and answers-2022

1- How many bytes are in 1 Kilobyte?

2-What is the term for purchasing and offering goods and services online?

3-What is the name of the procedure for moving files from your computer to the Internet?

4-What is the virus’ full form?

5-Does Google act as a search engine or a browser?

Gk computer questions and answers

6-What is RAM’s complete form?

7-Who is Facebook’s creator?

8-Who does all logical and mathematical operations on computers?

9- Printer is which type of device, an output or an input?

10-What electronic part did the first generation of computers use?

Gk computer questions and answers

11-Who is the “Father of the Computer”?

12-What are those who try to pose as someone else and ask for private information from you called?

13-What is the procedure for transfer of files from the Internet to your computer known as?

14-Who was the person who designed the first mechanical calculator?

15-Are examples of output devices or input devices? A keyboard, mouse, and joystick

Gk computer questions and answers

16- The contents of the Cache and Main Memory will be lost when the power is turned off because?

17-Who was the Ms-Dos operating system’s programmer?

18-The first programme that executes on a computer when computer boots up is?

19-Who was the Oracle Corporation’s original founder?

20-What is the procedure for locating errors in software code called?

21 Which technology does a CD-ROM drive employ?

Gk computer questions and answers

22-What is the name of the programme that enables us to view web pages?

23-What is the name of the software that converts high-level language into machine-level language?
24-What is the name of the address assigned to a machine linked to a network?

25- What provides explicit guidelines and terminology that describe an algorithm’s logical steps?

Gk computer questions and answers


1-1024 bytes.



4-Virtual Information Resource Under Seize.

5-Search Engine.

6-Random Access Memory.

7-Mark Zuckerberg

8-Central Processing Unit.

9-Output device.

10-Vaccum tubes.

11-Charles Babbage.

12-Phising scams.


14-Blaise Pascal.

15-Input Devices.

16-They are volatile.

17-Bill Gates

18-Operating System.

19-Lawrence J. Ellison.





24-IP address.

25- Syntax.

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