History- One Liners

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History-One Liners



1- It is a Communal award, by Ramsay McDonald in 1932 under which depresses classes were also declared as minorities and the separate electorate was proposed for them.

Ramsay McDonald







2-Sachin Sanyal published “Bandi Jiwan”.


3-On 31st August 1920 “Noncooperation movement” was launched.



4-In 1905, was the partition of Bengal announced and Boycott Resolution led to the starting of “Swadesi-Boycott” movement.


5-Annie Besant (theosophical movement) laid the foundation of Central Hindu College, which later became Banaras Hindu University in 1916.

Annie Besant







6-Raja Ram Mohan Roy (Brahmo Samaj) authored ” A gist to monotheists” and also translated the Vedas and Upanishads into Bengali.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Raja Ram Mohan Roy







7-General Bakht Khan in Delhi, Nana Sahib, Tantya Tope and Hazimullah Khan in Kanpur, Begum Hazrat Mahal in Lucknow, Maulavi ahmadillah in Faizabad, Khan Bahadur Khan in Bareli, Kunwar Singh in Bihar led the revolt.


8-Annie Besant and Tilak were the pioneers of “home league movement”.


9- What is Kamagatmaru?- A Ship carrying 370 passengers, that was going from Singapore to Canada but was turned back by Canadian authorities in the year 1914.


10- JL Nehru and SC bose set up “Independence for India” league in 1928.

Jawaharlal Nehru







11- BR Ambedkar participated in all three round table conferences.


12- Harijan campaign was launched by Gandhiji to support depressed classes.


13-August resolution on August 8th 1942 at gwalia tank in Bombay was passed in order to start quit India Movement.


14-Shimla conference- suggested under Wavell plan in 1945 to resolve the deadlock between Muslim league and INC.


15-Mohan Singh in Malaya conceived the idea of Indian National Army.


16-The other names of GOI Act 1919 is Montague Chelmsford reforms.


17- The other name of GOI Act 1909 is Morley Minto reforms


18-Hunter commission that was set up for the investigation of jallianwala bagh massacre.


19-C. Rajagopalacherya was the only Indian to hold the office of governor general.



20-Lord Cornwallis is known as the father of Indian civil services.

Lord Cornwallis







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