Tallest Flagpole of India: Belagavi’s Majestic Skyline

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Pride of India: Tallest Flagpole in Belagavi, Karnataka

India’s pride touches the sky in Belagavi, Karnataka, home to the country’s highest flagpole. Discover the story behind this towering 361-foot marvel.

Belagavi: The Pride of Karnataka

Nestled within the picturesque confines of Belagavi, Karnataka, stands the country’s tallest flagpole. Measuring an awe-inspiring 361 feet, this remarkable monument enhances the cityscape, especially as it majestically rises beside Fort Lake.

The Grand Unveiling of Tallest Flagpole of India

On March 12, 2018, the influential Firoz Sait inaugurated this magnificent flagpole in Belagavi. The ceremony was a blend of joy and national pride as the flag ascended, symbolizing India’s glory.

A Renewed Wave of Nationalism

Four years post its inauguration, Belagavi’s skyline was once again graced with India’s tallest national flag. The honor of hoisting the vast 9,600 sq. foot flag on this monumental pole was bestowed upon the respected Belagavi North MLA, Asif Sait. This event carved a unique chapter in the city’s legacy.

Engineering Excellence Behind the Scenes

This engineering marvel was the brainchild of a dedicated Mumbai-based firm. They meticulously produced four flags, each integrated with a flawless rotation mechanism. The complex task of raising these majestic flags is powered by a robust 10HP motor, a testament to exceptional engineering feats.

More Than Just a Flagpole

The re-establishment of this flagpole wasn’t merely a routine event. It was a confluence of distinguished leaders, city administrators, and the general populace, all converging to celebrate their nation. This emblem is not just about its towering height. It embodies India’s deep-rooted love and pride. As the flag flutters, it evokes memories of valiant freedom fighters and the unity that binds the nation.

India’s Top 10 Towering FlagpolesTallest Flagpole of India

Spanning from the north to the south, India’s soaring flagpoles are testimonies to its patriotic spirit.

S. No. City State Height (in feet)

  1. Belagavi Karnataka 361
  2. Attari-Wagah Border Punjab 360
  3. Pune Maharashtra 360
  4. Ranchi Jharkhand 293
  5. Faridabad Haryana 250
  6. Navi Mumbai Maharashtra 225
  7. Connaught Place New Delhi 207
  8. Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu 207
  9. Raipur Chhattisgarh 207
  10. Jamshedpur Jharkhand 200

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