Agriculture- Animal Life-One Liner-Sept 28, 2017

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Agriculture- Animal Life-One Liner-Sept 28, 2017

1- Oxytocin hormone responsible for Let-down of milk.

2- India’s 19th animal census happened in 2012.

3- Adrenaline hormone is responsible for holding up of milk.

4-Animal welfare Board of India is situated in Chenna.

5-Fat percent intoned milk is approximately 3%.

6-Saanen goat breed is a native of Switzerland.


7-National Institute of animal welfare situated in Faridabad.

8- Elastin milk protein can’t be digestible.

9-Milk is a poor source of iron and Vitamin C.

10-Cow’s milk color is light Yellow or creamy due to the presence of Carotene.

11-Saanen breed of goat is known as Queen of goats.

12-Fat % in standard milk is 4.5%.

13-  Animal census is done in India after 5 years.

14-India’s rank is Ist in Buffalo population in the world.

15-India’s rank is second in cattle and goat population in the world.

16-Highest and sweetest milk producing breed of cow is Sahiwal


17-Rinderpest, Cowpox & FMD are viral diseases of Cattle.

18-India has 7th rank in camel population in the world.

19-Total Sheep population in India is over 6.50 crore

20-India has 3rd rank in Sheep population in the world.

21- As per 2012 census, total livestock population in India is 51.20 crore

22-Total goat population in India is 13.5 crore

23-Total cattle population in India is 19.09 crore

24-Poultry population in India is 72.92 crore

25-Total buffalo population in India 10.87 crore

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