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GK -History & Geography

* Stone Age sites of Telangana-

Stone tools made by the pre-historic people are found in almost all the districts of the state. Some of these places are Ekkala in Warangal district, Amarabad in
Mahabubnagar district, Eleswaram in Nalgonda district, Ramagundam, in Karimnagar district, Utnoor in Adilabad district, Armoor in Nizamabad district, Manjeera valley in Medak district,
Cherla in Khammam district.

* Microlithic and Rock Art Sites-

The prehistoric people living in Telangana have left behind a large number of microliths and a large number of paintings. These paintings are found on the walls of rock shelters of
Pandavulagutta near Tirumalagiri village in Warangal district.

People who regularly move from place to place are called ‘Nomads’

 * Podu

Koyas grow crops using a distinct technique called ‘Podu’. Podu is a traditional practice of farming in hilly regions. This is called shifting agriculture
or jhum cultivation. It is also practiced by tribes like Konda Reddy. This practice of shifiting cultivation is also done in states like Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,
Arunachal Pradesh etc

* Prakasam Barrage

Vijayawada city is located at the head of the Krishna Delta on its northern bank. A barrage was built across the river at Vijayawada in 1853
by the British rulers. It is now called Prakasam Barrage. The water is diverted by this barrage into canals and is used to irrigate about 12 lakh
acres of land.

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