Tue. Dec 5th, 2023
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Biology : –




1.Food chain ends with Carnivores

2- Every food chain always starts with Producers.

3-Expand BHC – Benzene hexachloride

4-Producers are occurred in a ecological pyramid is at the base.

5-Sunlight is vital role in absorption of solar energy .

6-The energy in the ecosystem flows in the form of foodchain.

7-Ecological pyramids were proposed by Charles Elton.

8-The process of entering pollutents in a food chain is called Bioaccumulation.

9-Expand DDT – Dichloro diphenyl trichloro ethane

10-The trophic level of an ecosystem by taking the shape of pyramid is called Ecological pyramid

11-Exapand ICRISAT -International crop research institute for semi arid tropics

12-0.01% of fresh water is available as surface water .

13 Watershed is the alternative method to prevemt ground water depletion

14-Any type of plant or animal material can be converted in to energy is called Biomas.

15-Give an example for abiotic factor- Air and water

16-Jatropa plaants are used to production for bio diesel .

17-Cultivation of paddy is suitable for Delta areas.

18-Example for non renewable resource is petrol.

19-Biodiversity is an important for more than just food and for life also.

20-The biomass in each trophic level is always less than the trophic level below .

21-0.7-0.8% of fresh water in ground and soil moisture .

22- The process of growing the fishes and prawns is called Acquaculture

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