Biology -Important Facts-One Liners(additional)

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Some more facts about Biology-One Liners

Dental Formula Adult : 2123 / 2123 = 32;

Child: 22 Milk Teeth


Largest Artery: Abdominal Aorta


Largest Gland: Liver







Largest W.B.C: Monocyte


Menstrual Cycle: 28 days


Longest Nerve: Sciatic

Largest Vein: Inferior Vena cava


Pulse Rate 72 / minute.


Minimum Distance for proper vision: 25 cm


FSR (normal Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate) 4 – 10 min / hr


pH of Gastric Juice: 1.4


Normal Sperm Count 200 – 350 million / ejaculation.

Menopause Age: 45 – 50 Years


pH of Bile: 7.5


pH of Urine: 6.0


pH of Pancreatic Juice: 8.5


pH of Blood: 35 – 7.45


RBC Blood
RBC Blood






Largest Organ of Human Body: Skin


Total Number of Bones in the Body: 206

Total Number of Muscles in the Body: 639









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