Biology-Important One Liners-September 30, 2017

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Biology-Important One Liners-September 30, 2017

1- Hansen’s disease is also known as Leprosy.

2- The systolic and diastolic pressure in a healthy man is 120mm & 80mm

3- A person feel fatigued due to deposition of Lactic Acid acid in their muscles 

4- The Uppermost layer of skin is called  Epidermis

5- Blood group was discovered by  Landsteiner

Karlas Landsteiner

6- The enzyme found in human saliva is Ptyalin

7- Increased RBC’s in the blood leads to a condition called Polycythemia

8- Magnesium is contained in Chlorophyll.

9- 22 bones are present in a human skull.

10- Silk is considered as the strongest natural fiber.

11- The ph value of human blood is 7.40

12-Hydrogen gas used for making vegetable ghee

13- Motor skills are associated with Frontal Lobes of the brain. 

14- Temporal Lobe of a human brain is associated with hearing.

15- The deficiency of Fluorine leads to dental caries.

16- Fructose is the sweetest sugar.

17-Vitamin Dis considered being a hormone

18- Pyramid of energy is always upright

19- DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid

20- Aedes mosquito is the carrier of Zika virus. 

Aedes mosquito
Aedes mosquito

21- The chemical name of a substance which kills rats is White Phosphorus

22- 99% of water is lost during transpiration.

23- Edward Jenner is related with disease Smallpox

24- The process of photosynthesis involves conversion of Solar energy into
chemical energy

25- The hormone used as an oral contraceptive is Progesterone

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