Biology – Study of Micro-organisms -Important Points

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Study of Micro-organisms





1-Microbiology as a science was born in 1674 when Antyonh Van Leewenhoek peered at a drop of lake water through a glass lens that he had carefully ground.

2-Antyonh Van Leewenhoek built a single lens powerful microscope, which could magnify the object 300 times.

3-Diseases like Polio,Swine Flu, Conjunctivis, Small Pox, Chicken -pox and AIDS are caused by viruses.

4-Some micro-organisms are present inside the bodies of animals and plants.

5-Diseases like Malaria,Amoebiasis are caused by Protozoa.

6-Small organisms which are not visible to human eye are called micro-organisms.We can see them only with the help of a very powerful microscope called Electron Microscope.

7-The study of micro-organisms is called Micro-Biology.

8-Micro-organisma are of five types.They are Bacteria, Protozoa, Algae, Fungi and Virus

9-Some of the micro-organisms are autotrophs while some are heterotrophs.

10-Viruses are special type of micro-organisms , which lie between living and non living organisms.They can reproduce only in host living cells.

11-Microbes are present everywhere in our surroundings.

12-All micro-organisms are usually single celled organisms.

13-Cell of the micro-organisms contain a small amount of protoplasm and genetic material.

14-Based on the presence and absense of nucleus, micro-organisms are classified into two types-
a) Eukaryotes (with nucleus) b) Prokaryotes (without nucleus)

15-Bacteria move with the help of flageela.

16-Fungus grow on paper, wood and it damages the clothes.

17-Some fungi decompose the dead plants and animals.

18-Algae are unicellular,colonial, filamentous and autotrophic.

19-The study of viruses is called Virology

20-The study of fungi is called Mycology.

21-The study of Algae is called Phycology.

22-The study of Bacteria is called Bacteriology

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