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1-Recommendations of the 13th Fiance Commission have become operational for the period ?- 2010-2015

2-Index ‘Residex’ is associated with ? –   Land Prices

3-Zero-based Budgeting is the process of budget making after re-evaluating every item of expenditure in every financial year.

4-VAT is imposed on ? – All stages between production and final sale

5-NABARD was established on the recommendations of  Narsimham Committee.

6-Lithuania Joins Euro Club as 19th Member on Jan 2015

7-The largest source of national income in India is Service Sector.

8-Poverty level in India is established on the basis of  Household consumer expenditure.

9-Arvind Panagariya is the first Vice-Chairperson of the newly constituted NITI Aayog.

10-Contribution of agriculture to Gross National Product is approximately 17.5%.

11-Approx 26% population is living below poverty line in India .

12-Agriculture is the mainstay of Indian economy.

13-The “Operation flood” was the largest integrated dairy development programme of the world. It was started by National dairy development board in 1970.
Dr. Verghese Kurien was the father of Operation Flood.

14-Approx 58% % of Indian population is still Agriculturist.

15-Assam is the biggest tea producer in the country .

16-National Agriculture Insurance Scheme was implemented on Oct. 1999

17-The data of estimation of India’s National income is issued by  Central Statistical Organsation.

18-The concept of Economic Planning in India is derived from Russia

19-Planning Commission was constituted on 15 March, 1950.The Prime Minister is the ex-officio Chairman of this Commission

20-National Development Council was constituted on 6 August, 1952.

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