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1-In Periodic table vertical columns are called Groups

2-Alkali metals are reactive metals

3-Unreactive non metals are called Noble gases

4-Protons and Electrons are electrically charged

5-The relative charge of Proton and Electron is +1, -1

6- What is atomic number of an atom ? Ans- Number of protons

7- What is the mass number of an atom ? Ans- Total number of protons and neutrons

8-The atoms in a molecule are joined together by Covalent bond

9-Reactive metals are extracted by Electrolysis

10-Alkanes are Saturated Hydrocarbons

11-Polyunsaturated fats have many double bonds

12-The pH level is lower if concentration of hydrogen ions is greater.

13-The carbonate ores are changed into oxides by heating strongly in limited air.
This process is known as Calcination

14-Zinc oxide is called “philosopher’s” wool

15-The process of depositing a layer of zinc on iron is called  Galvanization

16-An aqueous solution of copper sulphate is acidic in nature because the salt undergoes Hydrolysis

17-Non-metals form oxides which are either acidic or neutral

18- Xenon is also called as Stranger Gas

19-Glass can be etched or scratched by Diamond and Hydrofluoric acid

20-A change in which one or more new substances are formed is called Chemical change.

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