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Contemporary World  Facts –

* The treaty made Germany,Australia and Italy is called Triple Alliance.
* The treaty of Versailes was concluded in 1919.
* The treaty made after World War-1 is the treaty of Versailes.
*In Russia the year in which Bolshevik revolution took place was 1917.
* The Architect of League of Nations was Woodrow Wilson.
* The country which was withdrawn from World War-1 was Russia.
* The King of Germany at the time of World-War -1 was William-II.
* The founder of Bolshevik party  was Lenin.
*Last ruler of Russia was Nicholas II.
* The headquarters of League of nations is situated in Geneva.
*The Paris peace conference was held in 1919.
* The Czar who was assassinated by Nihilists in 1894 was Alexander III.
* Lenin was the editor of Iskra.
* Russian Parliament is called as Duma.
*The treaty of Versailes was signed between allied powers and Germany.
*The last of czars who was made to abdicate the throne was Nicholas II.
* The original name of Lenin was Vladimir Illich Vlyanov.
* The capital of Bosnia was Sarajevo.
*The first world was started in 1914.
*The first world war had its foundationj in the war between Serbia and Austria.
*The immediate cause of the forst world war was the murder of Ferdinand.
* Just before World war-I, the national spirit was high in Germany.
*The English envied Germany for the growth of its naval power.
*The Nationalist pride of France was hurt because it lost Alsace and Loraine to Germany.
*Before 1914,Italy was ruled by Austria.

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