Current Affairs related to business 2023

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Current Affairs related to business 2023-Sept. 18


  1. Which two airlines announced the commencement of interline bookings covering over 100 routes across India?
  2. What is the major benefit for passengers flying with these two airlines?
  3. Who announced that he is leaving Microsoft after 19 years of service?
  4. Who will replace Panos Panay at Microsoft?
  5. What position did Panay join Microsoft in 2004 and which product did he lead the development of?
  6. What percentage of NBFCs’ total borrowings came from bank borrowing at the end of December 2022?
  7. What was accidentally exposed from Microsoft’s AI research division?
  8. What date has the CBDT extended the due date for furnishing audit reports in Form 10B/Form 10BB for the Financial Year 2022-23?
  9. Where is the Multi Modal Logistics Park being developed and with what investment?
  10. Which ministers will inaugurate a series of initiatives focusing on agri-credit and crop insurance?
  11. How much in crypto assets did the Lazarus hacking group allegedly steal in the last 104 days?
  12. Why did a couple argue with the Indigo airline crew at Mumbai airport?
  13. What is the price range for the upcoming 5G-enabled smartphone from itel Mobile India?
  14. Which company announced it will settle the dues of laid-off employees amid business restructuring?
  15. What changes were announced regarding the family pension and gratuity for LIC employees?
  16. What are Foxconn’s plans in India, as commented on by the Minister for Electronics & Information Technology?
  17. Which company might see a de-rating due to the common carrier access of product pipelines?
  18. Which three US automobile companies are facing a workers’ strike, and since when?
  19. Who criticized a WHO report advocating the restriction of growth for small independent retailers?
  20. Who was arrested by officials of the SFIO and the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, in connection with Nityank Infrapower and Multiventures Private Limited?


  1. Air India Express and AirAsia.
  2. They can book a single itinerary across both airlines with a single PNR on common websites.
  3. Panos Panay.
  4. Yusuf Mehdi.
  5. He joined as a group programme manager and led the development of Windows 11.
  6. Nearly half.
  7. Backups of two former employees’ workstation profiles and internal Microsoft Teams messages.
  8. October 31.
  9. In an area spanning 400 acres at Muddelinganahalli, with an investment of Rs 1,770 crore.
  10. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar.
  11. Approximately $240 million.
  12. They arrived late for boarding.
  13. Under Rs 10,000.
  14. BYJU’s.
  15. Family pension at a uniform rate of 30% and enhanced gratuity limit from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.
  16. Foxconn plans to double its manufacturing capacity in India.
  17. BPCL, HPCL, Indian Oil.
  18. Ford Motor Company, General Motor, and Stellantis since September 15.
  19. Indian Sellers Collective.
  20. Nalin Prabhat Panchal.

Quiz Questions With Answers on Current Affairs related to business 2023

  1. What payment method will Spotify no longer support for its Premium service?
  2. Since when has Spotify not allowed new Premium subscribers to pay through Apple’s in-app purchase?
  3. In which country has LG Electronics established its first overseas R&D lab for home entertainment products?
  4. What is the important trend in the market, indicated by the sharp increase in new demat accounts in June?
  5. How much funding did Battery Smart raise in its Pre-Series B funding?
  6. What directive has the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued regarding the issuance of debit, credit, and prepaid cards?
  7. Who headed the Japanese delegation that visited the Sabarmati Multimodal Transport Hub & SBS launching site?
  8. What was the gross GST revenue collected in June 2023, reflecting the vibrancy of the Indian economy?
  9. How long was IREO Group’s MD Lalit Goyal sent to the Enforcement Directorate’s custody in the judge bribery case?
  10. What long-term suggestion did an RBI panel make regarding India’s trade linkages and currency inclusion?
  11. What permission did the Delhi High Court grant to aircraft lessors of Go First airline?
  12. In which geographies does India rank among the top three funded countries globally, according to a report?

Quiz Answers:

  1. Apple’s in-app purchase system.
  2. Since May 2016.
  3. Indonesia.
  4. Surge in retail investor participation.
  5. $33 million.
  6. Card issuers shall issue cards across more than one card network.
  7. Suga Yoshihide.
  8. Rs 1,61,497 crore.
  9. Until July 7.
  10. The rupee’s inclusion in IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket.
  11. Permission to inspect their aircraft twice a month and carry out maintenance.
  12. US and UK.

Current Affairs related to business 2022

1- By 2035, which nation’s 5G network has the potential to have a $1 trillion economic impact overall?

  1. Which state recorded the second-highest number of suicides in India, behind Maharashtra, according to the most recent NCRB data?
  2. Who is the indisputable market leader for electric vehicles, with approximately 4,000 supercharger stations deployed worldwide and a 34% annual growth rate?

4-Who is the CEO of Tesla?

5- What state did automaker BMW agree to establish its auto part manufacturing facility in?

Current Affairs related to business 2022

6- Who officially opened the Panipat, Haryana, second-generation (2G) ethanol plant?

7- Who filed a complaint with the Delhi High Court challenging the Central Consumer Protection Authority’s (CCPA) decision to fine the company Rs 1 lakh for selling inferior household pressure cookers?

8- Who is the National Council of Applied Economic Research’s (NCAER) Director General?

9- Which has reportedly let go of 350 people globally, including in India, under challenging market conditions?

10- Who served as the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India’s (IRDAI) first chairman?

Current Affairs related to business 2022

11-What is the name of the online food delivery service?

12-Who introduced an open digital business platform in India to hasten digital transformation and value development for businesses of all sizes around the world?

13- Where would the third “Make in Odisha” conference, which will take place in November or December, be held?

14-Which city is the financial centre of India?

15- What state is becoming one of the top locations for FDI in a variety of industries, including as textiles and apparel, chemicals and petrochemicals, and metals and metal downstream?

Current Affairs related to business 2022

16-Which state government has teamed up with Vedanta and Foxconn with the goal of investing Rs. 1.54 lakh crore to become self-sufficient in the semi-conductor manufacturing industry?

17- Who has started to tough down on moonlighting (dual employment) and warned staff that if discovered, it could result in service termination?

18- Who is the Wipro Chairman who stated in a previous tweet that working two jobs is simply cheating?

19- Who is Google’s CEO?

20- Who has worked with the non-profit Khan Academy to offer courses and certifications through its “Skills Academy”?

Current Affairs related to business 2022


1- India

2- Tamil Nadu


4- Elon Musk

5- Punjab

6-Prime Minister Narendra Modi

7-E-commerce giant Amazon

8- Poonam Gupta

9- tech giant HCL Technologies

10-N. Rangachary


12-German industrial manufacturing major Siemens




16-The Gujarat government

17-Indian IT major, Infosys

18-Rishad Premji

19-Sundar Pichai

20- Swiggy

Important points-

  • CBDT-The Central Board of Direct Taxes
  • CCPA- Central Consumer Protection Authority
  • CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is Warren Buffett.

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