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General Knowledge/General Awareness

1- Mesopotamian Civilization is considered as oldest civilization of the world

Mesopotamian Civilization (4000 BC – 6th Cen. BC)

Egyptain Civilization (3400 BC – 1000 BC)

Harappan Civilization (2500 BC – 1750 BC)

Chinese Civilization (1765 BC – 250 BC)

2-Aeschylus was the founder of Greek tragedy, he was author of ‘Promethus Bound’

3-Erastosthenes was first to suggest that one could reach India from Europe by sailing west.

4-Philip was the father of Alexander.

5-Euclid and Pythagoras have made contributions in Mathematics.

6-Rome was founded around 1000 BC by Romulus.

7-Marco Polo was the first European to visit China

8-America was discovered in 1492 by an Italian Christopher Columbus.

9- Jefferson was the author of the American Declaration of Independence

10- Karl Marx is also known as the founder of scientific socialism

11-Vedic Culture was from 1500 BC to 600 BC

12-Banking regulation act was passed in 1949

13-Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) established in 1964.

14-Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) was established in 1989. Its main function is to provide assistance to small scale industries through state finance corporations, state industrial development corporations, commercial banks etc.

15-National Housing Bank (NHB) was established in 1988.Its main function is to develop housing finance in the country.

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