General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

 1-What’s the term for the geographical dividing line N/S Korea ? -38th Parallel.

2-What South American cities inhabitants are called portenos ?- Buenos Aires

3-What Roman Emperor was the first to convert to Christianity ?-Constantine – the great.

4-What were H47 and L12 that collided causing deaths in 1920s ?-Submarines.

5-What capitol city means Bay of Smoke in the local language ? -Reykjavik

6- What area in NY is named after a barrier built to keep out Indians ?- Wall Street.

7-What was banned in Horneytown North Carolina ?- Massage Parlours

8- If you were suffering from Preblysis what have you got ? -Premature Ejaculation

9- Who wrote The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ?- Douglas Adams

10-In Los Angeles its illegal to do what on the witness stand ? -Cry

11- Israel Beer Josaphat founded what famous service in 1851 ? -Reuters

12-What is the main ore of aluminium ? -Bauxite

13- What sport is played 11 a side on ice with a ball – variable pitch ? -Bandy

14-What US city is named after vice president of the mid 1840s ?- Dallas.

15-What planet did Gustav Holst omit from the planets suite ? -Earth

16- Born January 21st to February 19th what star sign are you ? -Aquarius

17-What weapon is named from musical instrument inv Bob Burns ?-Bazooka

18 -What does a hyperphiliac suffer from ? – Great desire for sex

19-What countries dialects has varieties called Twi and Fanti ? -Ghana

20- Sabastian Melmoth died in Paris 1900 better known as who ? -Oscar Wilde

21-What was designed and built in Iowa 1930s by George Nissan ? -Trampoline

22-Kiki Haakenson a policeman’s daughter was the worlds first what ?-Miss World.

23-What kind of animal is Beatrix Potters Mrs Tiggy Winkle ?-Hedgehog

24- What Australian Prime Minister drowned near Melbourne ? -Harold Holt 17 December 1967.

25-Odysseus captured by Cyclops Polyphemus what false name ? -Nobody.

26-Who was the Roman god of field boundaries ? -Terminus

27-What is The Adi Granth ? – Sacred Scriptures Sikhs

28- What was the first American state to enter the union 7 Dec 1787 ? -Delaware Pennsylvania second.

29-What African country and its currency have the same name ? -Zaire.

30-Eunectes Murinus largest of its kind in South America – what ? -Annoconda

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