General Awareness

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General Awareness – -Miscellaneous,

1- In astronomy what are rapidly rotating neutron stars called ?- Pulsars.

2-What microscopic animals name comes from Greek little Staff ?- Bacteria.

3-What gemstone was reputed to heal eye ailments ?- Emerald

4-  What Russian revolutionary founded Pravda ?- Leon Trotsky.

5-What are ratite birds the only ones not to do ?- Fly.

6-According to its name what major Italian city is the new city ? – Naples – short for Neopolis

7- What is the only flag permitted to be flown over the US flag ?- United Nations Flag.

8-The word Atom comes from the Greek meaning what ?- Indestructible.

9-What actor died during the filming of Gladiator ?- Oliver Reed

                                             Oliver Reed with his wife Kate Byrne

10-  Who would perform the Maha Mantra ?- Hari Krishnas

11-In New York where is it illegal to talk to a stranger ?- An Elevator.

12-What part of the body is most bitten by insects ?- The Foot

13- In sport what is exactly 5 foot 8 inches off the ground ?- Bullseye on Dartboard

14- An average person does it six times a day – what ?- Goes to bathroom

15- What is the oldest known cultivated vegetable ?- The Pea.

16-In Florida it is illegal for a single woman to do what on Sunday ?- Skydive.

17-In what European city was the first book in English published ?- Bruges – Belgium.

18- In what US state is the town of Maggie’s Nipples ?- Wyoming

19- The Musee de Orsay in Paris was originally what ?- Railway Station.

20- Meridian is a shade of what colour ?- Green.

21 In what country was John McEnroe born ?- Germany.

22-Juliet Gordon Low founded what in Savannah Georgia 1912 ?- Girl Guides.

23- California illegal to shoot game from moving vehicle except what ?- Whale

24- Where is your Puricle ?-  Space thumb extended forefinger

25- What European country has no head of state ?- Switzerland.

26- Almonds – the nuts – are members of what general family ?- Peach.

                                                    Young and Mature Almond fruit

27-The cob nut is the fruit of what tree ?- Hazel.

                                                                      Hazel Nuts

28- The Rikkesmuseum is in what European city ?- Amsterda


29- A shark is the only fish that can do it – do what ?- Blink with both eyes same time

30- In Italy what is Provolone ?- Smoked hard cheese

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