General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-Charles Lindbergh, flying pioneer was nicknamed the lone eagle.

                                                                  Charles Lindbergh

2- The white trail behind a jet plane is made from Ice Crystals.

3-Boris Pasternak wrote Dr Zhivago.

                                                                  Boris Pasternak

4- American state Idaho produces the most potatoes.

5-Emerald is the birth stone for May month.

6- Vaccimulgence is milking a cow.

7- The Greek goddess of love is Aphrodite.

8-Badgers group of animals are called a cete.

9-Phidipedes  ran the first marathon.

10-Starfish  is the only creature that can turn its stomach inside out.


11-Alcohol  is the oldest most widely used drug on earth.

12-In Egypt  draughts (checkers) originated.

13-Lettuce  is the worlds most popular green vegetable.


14-The other name used for the snow leopard is Ounce.

                                                            Snow leopard

15-King Camp Gillette  invented the first safety razor in 1895.

                                                              King Camp Gillette

16-On oometer measures Birds Eggs.

17- Table tennis balls are used to be made from Cork.

18-Nine of Diamonds playing card is called the Curse of Scotland.

19-In the human body  occiput is situated at the Back of head.


20- Film star Grace Kelly was the first to appear on a postage stamp .

                                                               Grace Kelly

21-African country Liberia was founded by Americans.

22-Russian October revolution take place in November month.

23-The first gramophone record has been made from Tinfoil.

24- The first country to guarantee freedom of worship is Transylvania

25-Isaac Newton invented the cat flap.

                                                           Sir Isaac Newton

26-Gay-Lussac scale measures Alcohol strength.

27-Jayne Mansfield  said “men are creatures with two legs and 8 hands”.

                                                    Jayne Mansfield-Actress

28- European country Britain eats the most breakfast cereal Britain.

29- Cotton is produced in a ginnery

30- Kissing was made illegal in England in 1439

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