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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-What does the name Tokyo mean ?-Eastern City

2-Worlds oldest existing treaty of 1373 between England and who ? -Portugal

3- Bargasse is what type of vegetable matter ?- Sugar Cane Pulp

4-Kitty, fire, draw and tuck in are terms in what sport ? -Green Bowls

5-The sprat belongs to what fish family ? – Herring

6- The Horned Planet is better known as what ? – Venus

7-Carrantual is the highest peak in which country ? -Ireland

8-What is Greece’s second city after Athens ?- Selonika

9-When is Superman’s birthday ? -29th February

10- John Young, Gemini 3, 1968 first to do what in space ? -Eat a hamburger

11-What is the Curia ? -Administration of the  Catholic Church

12-What is a sound below 20 cycles a second called ? -A Woof

13- Goldaming in Surrey was the first English town to have what ? -Electric street lighting

14-Generally cornflowers are what colour ? -Blue

15-Yoi, Yame, Seremade and Hantai terms in what sport ? -Karate

16- Africa’s four great rivers Nile, Congo Zambezi and what ? – Niger

17-In Norway what is a brisling ? -A Sprat

18- Who composed the Symphonies Fantastique ? -Hector Berlioz

19- Mediolanum was the Roman name for what Italian city ? -Milan

20- Which British city had the first pavements (sidewalks) in 1688 ? -Edinburgh in High St and Cowgate

21-What is considered to be the worlds fastest team game ? -Ice Hockey

22- What song did Marilyn Munroe sing in the film Bus Stop ?- That Old Black Magic

23-In the USA it’s the Oscars what is it in France ? -Caesars

24- What is the correct name for a virgin (uncalfed) cow ? -Heifer

25- In the USA what is Marine One ?- Presidents Helicopter

26-Who was the first British Royal to become a motorist ? -Prince of Wales Edward VII

27-What makes Argon, Neon and Helium unique in chemistry ? -No compounds

28-Cheval-vapeur in France is equal to what in English ? -Horse power

29-If you suffer from diplopia what have you got ? -Double vision

30-Which type of full moon follows a harvest moon ? -Hunters Moon

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