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General Studies-  Indian Economy (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana)

1- V.K.R.V Rao calculated the National Income in a scientific manner for the first time.

2-Disposable income is

a-Individual income-individual taxes.
b-Consumption + savings.

3-1990 is used as the standard for the human development index at present.

4-Lease acts, Act of the removal of intermediaries, abolition of Jagiridari system and Land ceiling act are considered as the laws of land reforms.

5-Land, weather and rainfall ,natural forces play an important role in deciding the crop patterns.

6-Montek Singh Ahluwalia was the Vice President of 11th Planning Commission.

7-The responsibility of implementing the land reforms lies on State.

8-The loans which are available to cater the credit needs of the farmers are Short term, medium and long term loans.

9-In 54th meeting, National Development Council approved the 11th five year plan.

10-Chief minister will act as chairmen for centre for good governance.

11-Chaturvedi committee established on child labour.

12-The famous Economist who conducted the astonishing researches on National Income is V.K.R.V Rao.

13-The price at which the government will supply the goods to Public Distribution System is called as Issue Price.

14-Finance Ministry will look after the budgetary allocations in the state.

15-State Economics and Statistics Department will prepare the index of state industrial products.

16-The scheme began in the year 2001 which aimed at women empowerment is Svayamsiddha.

17-In Punjab, the first co-operative sector society was established in India.

18-In Patancheruvu, plywood factory established under the supervision of Novapan India Ltd.

19-In 1973, APIIC was established to provide infrastructure to the industries in the state.

20-The item of Agriculture incorporated in state list of constitution.

21-The five year plan, which faced the severe inflation for the first time is Third Plan.

22-The first state which prepared the report on Human Development in the country is Madhya Pradesh.

23-Defence instruments are produced by Bharat Dynamics Limited.

24-In fourth plan, the privy purses were abolished.

25-After the second world war, land reforms became successful in Japan,Taiwan and China.

26-The committee which recommended a single institution for the distribution of short term and long term agricultural credits are Hazari committee.

27-During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the literacy rate aimed at 80 %.

28-In sixth five year plan(1980-85) the 20 point programme was introduced.

29-Mahatma Gandhi started his first fight regarding the land problem in India is Champaran.

30-Hyderabad City recognised as the capital of insurance in the country.

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