General Studies

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General Studies -Biology -One Liner

1-  Pollination by birds is known as ornithophily

2- A dye is prepared from indigofera

3-  Autotrophs in an ecosystem are called producers

4- The first effective vaccine against polio was prepared by Jone E.Salk

5- What is the phenotypic ratio of complementary genes in pea ? 9:7

6- Thymidine is a nitrogenous base found in DNA

7- Which among the following is a non photosynthetic pigment? chlorophyll – a

8- Unit of classification is family

9- Which of the monocots mentioned below shows anomalous secondary thickening ? Asparagus

10- Diatomaceous earth is a deposit of organisms of bacillariophyceae

11- The physiological phenomenon considered as a “necessary evil” in plants is transpiration

12- Plant that grow in saline water are called halophytes

13- The type of phyllotaxy in caltropis is opposite decussate

14-  Red tides are caused by red algae

15- Franks produces root nodules in casuarinas

16-The outermost layers of rice grain endosperm rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals are known as Aleurone layers

17- The development of fruit without fertilization is known as parthenocarpy

18-Arachis hypogaea (groundnut) belongs to the family Musaceae

19-The agent that carries informantion from DNA to RNA is m-RNA

20- To induce callus which one of the following chemicals is necessary? NAA

21- Which of the scientists mentioned below for the first time, observed and described bacteria ?  Anton Van Leewenhoek

22-A definite number of cells arranged in a specific manner in an algal colony is known as thallus

23-Which of the groups of plants mentioned below consists of phycobiont and mycobiont living together as an unit ? lichens

24-The cambium present within a vascular bundle is known interfascicular cambium

25-Heterospory leading to the establishment of seed habit is observed in selaginella

26-The botanical name for neem is Azadirachta indica

27-Meristeles are usually present is Ferns

28-Winged pollen grains are present in Pinus

29-Aprogeotropic and coral-like roots are produced in taxus

30-What drug is experimented in the treatment of AIDS ? AZT

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