Geography One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Geography One-Liners for various competitive examinations

Thank You for landing the Geography section page.

 Maximum questions come from Geography portion in different competitive exams.

Here are some important Geography one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Geography Bits below.

1-Cherrapunji receives the highest rainfall in India.

2-India is the second largest country in Asia.

3-The Himalayas are also known as Abode of snow.

4-India is connected to European countries through the Suez canal.

5-The most populous city in the world in Tokyo.

5-Indian standard time is the local time of Allahabad.

6-The largest mountain range in the world is the Andes.

7-The New Zealanders are known as Kiwis.

8-The state which has the largest forest area in Madhya Pradesh.

9-Earth revolves around the sun every 365 1/4 days.

10-The country with the largest population of Muslims in Indonesia.

11-Security Printing Press is at Nasik.

12-Diamond mines in India are found in Madhya Pradesh.

13-The tiger sanctuary in Tamil Nadu is located at Kalakad(Tirunelveli).

14-Yellow river is HwangHo.

15-The deepest lake in the world is Baikal Lake.

16-The capital city reputed to be the oldest in the world is Athens.

17-Day and night are equal at the Equator.

18-Kalahari desert is in South Africa.

19-Hydrogen and Helium are mainly present in the Sun.

20-The most abundant metal in earth’s crust is Aluminium.

21-Myanmar is closest to the Andaman Islands.

22-The state having largest area under wasteland is Rajasthan.

23-India lies in the hemisphere- Northern and eastern

24-Duncan Passage is a strait in the Indian Ocean. It separates Rutland Island to the north and Little Andaman to the south. West of Duncan Passage is the Bay of Bengal, east is the Andaman Sea.

25-The deepest landlocked and protected port in India is Vishakhapatnam.

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