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Geography-World Geography-One Liners

1-The atmosphere is the thin layer of land.

2-The lithosphere is the upper layer of the earth.

3- Granite and Gabbros are the examples of Intrusive Igneous Rocks.

4- The world biggest delta is formed by Ganga-Brahmaputra.

5- Soft material covered on the earth surface is called soil.

6- Sedimentary rocks are formed with both organic and inorganic matter.

7- The word delta is derived from The Greek.


8- A piece of solid material made up of two or more minerals is called Rock.

9-Deltas are formed with the old stage of the river.

10- Humus is the main source of nutrients that plants need for their growth.

11-Black soils are also called Cotton soils and Chernozem soils.

12-Red soils are reddish in colour due to the presence of Ferrous.

13-Laterite soils are found in the mountain slopes.

14- Age of the earth is 4500 Billion years.

15-Humus is poor in desert soils.

16-Humus is rich in forest soils.

17-The process of weathering and erosion is called denudation.

18-Alluvial soils are mainly confined to the river basins and Coastal plains.

19-Metamorphic means Change of form.

20-Sandstone, Limestone and Shale are examples of sedimentary rocks.

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