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1-The biggest oil refinery in Asia is at Jamnagar, Gujarat

2-The main crops grown under plantation agriculture in India are Tea, rubber, coconut, coffee

3-The largest shipyard of India is Vishakapatnam

4- 25 percent of the total vale of agricultural products is contributed by live stock in India

5- Yamunanagar of India produces the maximum quantity of salt from a sea

6-A small crescent shaped feature on the flood plain, which originally formed a part of a river meander is called an ox-bow lake

7- Doldrums is a pressure belt on the earth

8-Ice land is quite warm eventhough it is close to the Arctic circle

9-Lines connecting points of equal salinity called Isohalines

10-The Beneguela current passes along the Southwest Coast of Africa

11-The belt of the Equatorial calms is called ‘The Doldrums’.

12- An elliptical shaped cavity leading down to an under ground drainage system is Karst country is called a/an doline

13-The Deccan trap region has Blacksoil

14-India’s forest cover is approximately One fifth of its geopgraphical areas

15-Manas sanctuary is situated in Assam.

16-The cities , Accra, Oran, Harve and Valencia are close to the Green wich meridian

17-The Dead Sea  has the highest salinity

18-The dead sea is located on the border between Israel and Jordon

19-Thermal power has the highest share in the total energy production

20-The state which records the highest productivity of fish in India is Kerala.

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