GK/General Awareness/G-Studies -Important One Liners

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General Awareness




1-In Bihar state is Reserve Forest ‘Bhimbandh’ situated.

2-Science of fixing dates is known as Chronology

3-The project tiger started in 1973.

4-The two Governors who have later held the post of the finance minister of India are CD Deshmukh & Dr. Manmohan Singh

5-The ‘Red Data Book’ provides information about Threatened and rare species of Flora and fauna.

6-The scientific and objective study of animal behavior is known as Ethology.

7-Head office of National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development is in Mumbai

8-The main constituent of biogas is Methane.

9-The cross between a tiger and a lioness is called Tigon

10- World Forestry Day celebrated on 21st March.

11- India’s first rocket launch taken place on 21 November, 1963. The rocket, named Nike-Apache, was made at NASA.

12-Great Himalayan National Park, which has been accorded the UNESCO World Heritage Site status, is located in Himachal Pradesh.

13-Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology is located in Hyderabad

14-The Reserve Bank of India was set up on the basis of the recommendations of the Hilton Young Commission.

15-ICFRE stands for Indian council of Forestry Research and Education.

16-The name of the largest Zoo of India is Arignar Anna Zoological Park.
This Park is situated in Vandalur, Tamilnadu

17-Botanical name of Imli is Tamarindus Indica

18-On 8 March 1618 Johannes Kepler formulated the ‘third Law of Planetary Motion’.

19-‘Uranus’, the seventh planet from Sun discovered in 13 March 1781, by Willium Herschel.

20-Californium is a radioactive metallic chemical element. It was discovered at the University of California Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley.
Its symbol is CF and atomic number is 98.



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