GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liner- Sept 17, 2017

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General Awareness -One Liner- Sept 17, 2017


1-ASBA- Application Supported by Blocked Amount

2-USSD –Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

3-Kishtwar national park is in Kashmir

4-Brahadeeswara temple is at Thanjavur, Tamilnadu

5-22nd ASIAN games hosted by Odisha

6-G20 summit held in Hamburg, Germany

7-Mahabodhi Vihara Temple is in Bihar

8-July 28 -World hepatitis day

9-UPI is launched by NPCI & regulated by RBI

10-PCA Plan- Prompt Corrective Action plan

11- Tel-Aviv city in Israel

Tel-Aviv city
Tel-Aviv city

12- Truncation is the process under Section 6 of NI ACT 1881

13-Yashaswini Singh Dulwai associated with sport Shooter

14- World Taqewanda Headquarters located in Seoul, South Korea

15-ESAF launched its small finance bank operations in Kerala

16-Anemia is caused due to deficiency of Iron

17-Medical scheme for APL families in Andhra is Arogya Raksha

18-Mariana Trench is located in The Pacific Ocean.

Mariana Trench
Mariana Trench

19-The Cabinet mission came to India on 23 March 1946.

20-Lavni festival– Maharashtra

21- The main assemble component of computer is CPU

22-JLF – Joint Lending Forum

23- Kidambi Srikanth– Badminton

Kidambi Srikanth
Kidambi Srikanth

24-JNCASR Jawaharlal Nehru college for Advanced Scientific Research – Bangalore

25-SEAC –Standing External Advisory Committee

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