GK/General Awareness/G-Studies -One Liners

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General Awareness-One Liners


1-The first mountaineers to reach the top of Mountain Everest – Sherpa Tensing and Sir Edmund Hillary

2-The first person to fly from England to New Zealand – Jean Gardner Batten

3-The first Socialist to be elected to the House of Commons – James Keir Hardie

4-The first person to cross Africa from East to West – Verney L. Cameron

5-The first person to fly the English Channel from Calais to Dover – Loonies Bleriot

6-The first Women to fly the Atlantic – Amelia Earhart, June 1928

7-The first man walk on the moon – Neil Armstrong, July 1969

8-The first solo Atlantic flight – Charles Lindbergh, May 1927

9-The first woman to fly solo from England to Australia – Amy Johnson

10-The first person to take a successful photograph of the human face – John William Draper

11-The first person coupe to fly across the Atlantic – Sir John Akock and Sir A. Whitten Brown in 1919

12-The first person to fly in Great Britain – William Cody in 1908

13-Point in the orbit of Moon when it’s farthest from Earth — Apogee

14-Point on Earth’s surface vertically above the seismic focus — Epicenter

15-Shape of Earth can be best described as — Geoid

16-The earthquake in Gujarat occurred due to — dislocation along all Allahbund fault in Sindh, Pakistan

17-The equatorial bulge on Earth is due to — centrifugal force

18-IST is ahead of GMT by — 5 hrs 30 minutes

19-Earth’s magnetic north and south poles are located on — Prince of Wales Island in North Canada

20-Theory that considers Earth’s lithosphere as fractured along several faults — Tectonic Plate

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