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1-Which year is celebrated  as International Year of Astronomy?

Ans-  2009

2-Which is produced by rain water action ? -Gully

3-Whichwas known as Chalco-lithic Age ?

 – Copper-stone Age

4-Which industryin India wasworst affected because ofthe partition ?

 -Jute and Cotton

5-Why is Weightlessness experienced in spaceship ? -Due to absence of gravity

6- By whom was the ‘Jaziya’ abolished ?-Akbar

7-Which ore contains both calcium and magnesium ? -Dolomite

8-Belladona medicine is obtained by which part of Atropa belladona ? – From leaf

9-The President of the Indian Union has the same constitutional authority as which country ?

 – British Monarch

10-Which is a major constituent of Biogas ? -Methane.

11-Which is India’s oldest iron and steel plant ? – TISCO at Jamshedpur

12-In which hemisphere does India lie ?

 – Northern and eastern

13-Who was the mediator between man and gods according to the Vedic people ?

– Agni

14- To which age the Painted Grey Ware (PGW) belongs ? -The Vedic age

15- Which art style combines Indian and Greek feature ?- Gandhar

16-How is Indian economy ?

 -Mixed Economy

17-Who were the first kings to issue gold coins in India ?-Indo-Greeks

18-Where is Copacabana Beach located ?-Rio de Janeiro

19-Rutherford ’s scattering experiment related to the size of which thing ?- Nucleus

20- What is the permissible level of noise in a silent zone at daytime ?-75 dB

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