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1-Nandini Bhandaru , Indian researcher has won the European Materials Research Society’s (E-MRS’s) Young Scientist Award.

2-Binod Chaudhary is the author of the book “Making It Big: The inspiring Story of Nepal’s first billionaire in his own words”.

3-Veer Yatra”, the first-of-its-kind military tourism initiative in India has been launched in Pune.

4-Han Kang has won the 2016 Man Booker International Prize

5-Swachh Office drive has been launched by Ministry of Urban Development

6- Laxmirani Majhi is associated with Archery sports.

7-“Ashwin” an indigenous Advanced Air Defence interceptor missile, has been successfully test fired from Odisha state.

8-The National Dengue Day is observed on May 16.

9-Mukul Mudgal has been appointed as the deputy chairman of FIFA Governance Committee

10- “Dadaab” the world’s largest refugee camp is located in Kenya.

11-The Aguada Central Jail is located in Goa.

12- India’s first Spice Museum will be opened in Kochi.

13- India’s first startup hostel has been launched in Bengaluru

14-Neil Jordan is the author of the book “The Drowned Detective”

15-“e-MMS Project” has been launched by Indian Air Force

16-. India’s first contactless business credit card has been launched by ICICI Bank

17-“JioMoney Wallet service” has been launched by Reliance.

18-Huroof mobile app has been launched by Islamic State (IS) for children to teach them Arabic

19- Shweta Rathore is associated with Body Building

20-Tony Cozier, who passed away recently, was a renowned cricket commentator of West Indies.

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