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1-International day of Radiology is observed on November 8

2-November 16 is observed as International day for tolerance

3-International Students day is observed on November 17

4-World Hello day is observed on November 21

5-Mount Eden Crater is the famous monument in New Zealand.

6-TMX Group is the stock exchange of Canada.

7-Mount Kirkpatrick is the highest peak in Antarctica.

8-Tripoli is the capital of  Libya

9- Euro is the currency of Guadeloupe.

10- OP Iyengar is referred as the Father of Indian Phycology.

11-Rock Shelters of Bhimpetka located in  Madhya Pradesh

12-Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya Situated in Bihar

13-Chamera Dam Situated in Himachal Pradesh

14-Haffkine Institute is present in Mumbai.

15-Vaippar River runs in Tamil Nadu

16-King Institute of Preventive Medicine is present in Guindy.

17-Buxa Tiger Reserves is located in West Bengal.

18-Murlen National Park is present in Mizoram.

19-Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary is located in Karnataka.

20-Gandhi Sagar Dam is Situated in Madhya Pradesh

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