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1-The first President of Indian Republic – Dr. Rajendra Prasad

2-The first Muslim President of Indian National Congress – Badruddin Tayyabji

3-The first British Governor General of India – Lord William Bentinck(1833-1835)

4-The first British Viceroy of India – Lord Canning

5-The first man who introduced printing press in India – James Hicky

6-India’ s first man in Space – Rakesh Sharma

7-The first Governor General of free India – Lord Mountbatten

8-The first and the last Indian to be Governor General of free India – C. Rajgopalachari

9-The first woman to receive Nobel Prize – Mother Teresa

10-The first and last Muslim woman ruler of India-  Razia Sultan

11-The first woman to receive Ashoka Chakra – Nirja Bhanot

12-The first woman to cross English Channel – Aarti Saha

13-The first woman Air Vice Marshal – P. Bandopadhyaya

14-The first woman Cheif Justice of High Court – Mrs Leela Seth (Himachal Pradesh High Court)

15-The first woman chairperson of Indian Airlines – Sushma Chawla

16-The first person to receive Nobel Prize in Economics – Amartya Sen

17-The first Indian Naval Chief Vice Admiral – R.D. Katari

18-The first person to receive Magsaysay Award – Acharya Vinoba Bhave

19-The first Vice-President of India – Dr. Radhakrishnan

20-The first Prime Minister of India who did not face the Parliament – Charan Singh

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