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1-Directive Principles of State Policy are included in Part IV of the Indian Constitution
2- Centre-state relations are mentioned in which part of the Indian Condtitution -Part XI
3-Namdeva was a Bhakti saint in  Maharashtra
4-Citizenship in included in which part of the Indian constitution ? – Part II
5-Turks learnt the use of the Arch and Dome method from – The Romans
6-The Qutab Minar is said to have dedicated to Sufi Saint -Sheikh Qutub-ud-Din Bakhtiyar Kaki
7-Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque is located in – Delhi
8-New style of Persian known as sbaq-i-Hindi is said to have developed by Amir Khusrau
9- The credit of development of which musical instruments is given to Amir Khusrau ?- Sitar And Tabla
10- In the Indian political arrangement’s residuary power are vested with -The Centre 
11-Photosynthesis in the desert plants is carried out by usually by stems
12-The process of changing of water vapour is called Evaporation
13-Various non-living things such as plants and animals, in a habitat, are known as Abiotic components
14-Earthworms breath thorough the skin
15-The process through which the plants loss water through leave is known as Transpiration
16-The surroundings where organisms live is called  Habitat
17-The stems of the plants of ponds or lakes are Hollow and light
18-Sea animals like dolphins and whales do not have gills, they breathe in air through Nostrils or blowholes 
19-Sea animals intake oxygen with the help of Gills
20-Aquatic habitat is the habitat of plants and animals that live in water
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