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Biology -Facts

1-Robert Hooke in 1665 observed the cells in a cork slice with the help of primitive microscope

2- Mitochondria organelle in the cell, other than nucleus, contains DNA.

3-The blood glucose level is commonly expressed as milligram per deciliter

4-Normal blood glucose level is 9-15 mg/100 ml of blood.

5-When ants bite, they inject Formic acid

6-Antigen ,a foreign substance usually protein in nature ,elicits the formation of specific antibodies within an organisms

7-Blood, Bones and Cartilage are made up of a special type of tissue are Connective tissue

8-The hormone insulin is  Glycolipid ..Insulin decreases blood glucose level by increasing utilization of glucose , glucogenesis and synthesis of fat (lipogenesis).It promotes fat synthesis

9-In Spleen ,the lymphocyte cells formed.

10-Cellulose type of carbohydrate provide roughage and helps in movement of bowel

11-Development of pale chalky white colour and pits on the surface of teeth indicates the excessive intake of Fluorine

12-In the cell the food (glucose) is broken down into Carbon dioxide, water and energy

13-Muscles cramps occur after heavy exercise this is because accumulation of Lactic acid

14- A resting person usually has a pulse rate between 72-80

15-At rest adult person breathes in and out 15-18 times in a minute

16-Yeast is single celled organism they respire anaerobically and during this process yield alcohol.

17-During breathing the unwanted particles such as smoke,dust,pollen etc get trapped in Nasal cavity.

18-.In the human body, the appendix is attached to the large intestine.

19-The Panda belongs to the same family as that of Bear

20-Most insects respire by tracheal system .

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