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1-Mohenjodaro and Harappa are now in  Pakistan

2-Aryan’s lived in South India

3-The modern name for Pataliputra – Patna

4-The modern name for Panipat is Kurukshetra

5-Vikramaditya was  Chandra Gupta II

6-Which battle in India gave superior status to the Britishers ? – Battle of Buxar

7-Who was defeated by Ghori Mohammed to conquer Delhi ?-Prithviraj

8-The city of modern Patna was founded by Ajathasatru

9-Who was known as the ‘Whip of the God’ ? – Chengizkhan

10-Vathapi was the capital of the Chalukyas

11-Megasthenese was a Greek ambassador sent to the court of Chandragupta Maurya by Seleucus.

12-Megasthenes in his Indies had mentioned 7 castes in Mauryan society. They were philosophers, farmers, soldiers, herdsmen, artisans, magistrates and councilors.

13-During Mauryan period, the punch marked coins (mostly of silver) were the common units of transactions.

14-Both Chalukyas and Pallavas tried to establish their supremacy over land between Krishna and Tungahhadra.

15-The greatest Chola rulers were Rajaraja (985-1014 AD) and his son Rajendra I (1014-1044 AD).

16-The arrangement of local self-government has been regarded as the basic feature of the administration of Cholas.

17-Kambama who wrote Ramavatrama was one of the greatest figures of Tamil poetry. His Ramayana is known as Kamba Ramayana.

18-The founder of Chola Dynasty was Vijayalaya, who was at first a feudatory of the Pallavas. He captured Tanjore in 850 AD.

19-Pampa, Ponna and Ranna are considered as three gems of Kannada poetry

20-Pallava king Narshimhavarman (630-68 AD) occupied Chalukyan capital at Vatapi in about 642 AD and assumed the title Vatapikonda.

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