History Points – Important One Liners With Years

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1-Non-Cooperation movement (1921) launched by Mahatma Gandhi

2- E V Ramaswamy Naicker launches the Self-Respect movement in Tamil Nadu (1925)

3-Opening of British oil pipeline from Iraq to Syria (1934)

4-Alam Ara by Ardeshir Irani (1931)is the first Indian talkie

5-Quit India Movement (1942)

6- India and Pakistan become independent (1947)

7-India becomes a republic (1950)

8-Sirimavo Bandarnaike becomes the world’s first woman prime minister (1960)

9-Bangladesh emerges as an independent nation (1971)

10-India and Pakistan conduct nuclear tests (1998)

11-A leak at the Union Carbide pesticides plant in Bhopal (1984) leads to one of the worst industrial disasters in history, thousands die.

12-The Portuguese introduce coffee in Brazil (1727)

13-First British convicts shipped to Botany Bay, Australia (1788)

14-Charles Darwin sets out on voyage to Pacific, Galapagos Islands (1831), leading to the development of the theory of evolution

15-British and Maoris in New Zealand sign Treaty of Waitangi (1840). This was followed by a series of Maori uprisings (1844-88)

16-Wright brothers invent the aeroplane (1903)

17-Votes for women in New Zealand (1893)

18-New Zealand declared a nuclear -free zone (1984)

19- Treaty of Rarotonga sets up South Pacific Nuclear-Free Zone (1986)

20-US Congress passes Equal Opportunity Act in response to women’s movement (1972)

21-Panama Canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific opened (1914)

22-Fidel Castro comes to power after the Cuban Revolution (1958)

23-Dollars are first used as American currency (1787)

24-Famine in the Deccan, southern India (1876-78); over five million die

25-Foundation of Indian National Congress (1885)

26-Opening of the first Japanese railway, Tokyo to Yokohama (1872)

27-Aoki Konyo, a Japanese scholar compiles a Dutch/Japanese dictionary (1758)

28-Gujin tushu jicheng, the largest encyclopaedia ever printed, commissioned by Kangxi, the Manchu ruler of China

29-Scientists clone the sheep Dolly (1997) raising new debates about the limits of genetic engineering

30-Nelson Mandela* freed in South Africa (1990); process of dismantling apartheid begins
31-The making of the first film (1895); the modern Olympics are held for the first time in Athens (1896)

32-Louis Braille develops a system of finger reading (1823); passenger trains introduced in England (1825)


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