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1-  Where was Mohandas Gandhi born?
Ans- Porbandar

2- When was Mohandas Gandhi born?
Ans-  2 October 1869

2)What is Mohandas Gandhi’s mother’s name?
Ans-  Putlibai

3) What is Mohandas Gandhi’s father’s name?
Ans- Karamchand

4) Whom did Mohandas Gandhi marry?
Ans- Kasturba

5) Which book did Mohandas Gandhi write?

Ans- The Story of My Experiments with Truth

6) Where was Mohandas Gandhi for most of the time in 1893-1914?
Ans- South Africa

7) Raj Ghat, Delhi is a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi that marks the spot of his cremation

8) Where is Sabarmati Ashram ?
Ans- Ahmedabad

9) When did Mohandas Gandhi die ?
Ans- 30 January 1948

10)  In which year was the Salt March ?
Ans- 1930

11- As a protest of Ramsay MacDonald’s Communal Award, which threatened to separate the so-called untouchables from the Hindu society, Gandhiji’s historic fast unto death at the Yeravda jail commenced on  September 10, 1932.

12- What is the name of the building which served as Gandhi’s residence in Mumbai from 1917-1934 ? – Mani Bhavan

13- What title did Gandhiji give to his Gujrati translation of “Unto This Last”? – Sarvodaya

14- The book “Unto This Last” greatly captivated and transformed Gandhiji. So much so that his translated into Gujrati. Who was it’s author? -John Ruskin

15- Gandhiji began a twenty-one day fast on February 10, 1943 in jail which provided a burst of political activity. This fast was undertaken by him to

 1- Proof his innocence before God for violence during the Quit India Movement

  2- Register his protest against the violence of state, including the unwarranted detention of thousands of Congressmen

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