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History -Important Points

1- The War of the Spanish succession was fought during  -1701-14 AD

2- In July 1914,Austria invaded   -Serbia

3- Modern Parliament was introduced by  -Edward I

4- Christopher Columbus died in the year  -1506 AD

5-Napoleon brought a detailed revision of the French Legal System called as  -Code Napoleon

6-In 1707,the two countries who became united were  -England and Scotland

7- In the first Punic War fought in 264-261 BC,the Romans defeated  -Carthaginians

8-In the thirteenth Century,Russia was overun by  -Mongols

9-The first colony established by the English in north America was  -Jamestown

10-Napoleon crowned himself as Emperor in  -1801 AD

11-The unification of Italy took place during  -1858-1870 AD

12- The unification of Germany was carried-out during -1864-1870 AD

13-In 1818,the Zulu Kingdom was founded by  -Shaka

14-Benito Mussolini was the dictator of   -Italy

15-Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in 1941 against the  -Soviet Union

16-Bolschevik Revolution took place in  -1917 AD

17-The War of the Grand Alliance was fought during   -1689-97 AD

18-De Champlain was a  -French Explorer

19-China was also known as  -Chung hua

20-Alexandria was founded by  -Alexander

21-Timur died in the year  -1405 AD

22-The Disease which struck Europe in the 14th Century was  -Plague

23-In 1260,the Mongol army was defeated by the armies of Islam at  -Ain Jalut

24-Henry IV was assassinated in  -1610 AD

25-In 1805,the French fleet was destroyed at  -The Battle of Trafalgar

26-In the first World War,German forces were defeated Grumbinnen by  -Russia

27-In 1870,Germany waged war with  -France

28-In 1822,the country which was declared an independent empire was -Brazil

29-King Leopold was from  -Belgium

30-Abraham Lincoln,the American President was a republican from   -Illinois

31-The 1849 Gold-Rush was due to gold discovered at  -Northern California

32-Between 1836-1847,USA was at war with  -Mexico

33-In 1898,USA was at war with  -Spain

34-In 1867,USA purchased Alaska from  -Russia

35-Adolf Hitler was the dictator of  -Germany

36-In a mass genocide,Hitler targeted  -The Jews

37-In 1935,Italy attacked   -Ethiopia

38-In 1770,James Cook,the English Captain landed at  -Botany Bay of Australia

39-Suez Cananl was opened in  -1869 AD

40-The Union of South Africa was formed in  -1909 AD

41-In 1877,Russia went to war with  -Turkey

42-In earlier times,Turkey was referred to as   -The sick man of Europe

43-In August 1914,Germany attacked   -France

44-In the first World War,Austria & Germany were known as  -Central powers

45-Mein Kampf was written by   -Adolf Hitler

46-In 1911,Italy invaded  -Libya

47-Finland Won Independence in 1917 from  -Russia

48-In the first World War,Austria fought alongside  -Germany

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