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Our Universe Facts 

No. Question Answer
1. Alcoholic drinks contain Ethyl alcohol
2. Jamini Roy is a famous Painter
3. Calcium is required by human body for Strong teeth and for strong bone
4. What is Muntz Metal? An alloy containing copper and zinc in the proportion of 3:2
5. The first man to reach south pole was Amundson
6. What is Interpol? International Police
7. In how many fields the nobel prize is awarded? 6
8. Who is the writer of “Swami and Friends” R.K.Narayan
9. Which is the brighest star in our solar system? Sirius
10. The earths annual circuit round the sun covers a distance of 966 million km
11. The speed per minute at which the earth revolves round the sun is more than 1600 km
12. Which gas is most predominent in the sun? Hydrogen
13. The time taken by the Uranus to revolve round the sun is approximately? 84 years
14. Which is the brighest planet as seen from the earth? Venus
15. The distance between the earth and the sun is greatest during Aphelion
16. The earth rotates on its axis from West to East
17. On which of the following planets of solar system does the sun rise in the west and set in the east? Venus
18. The planet Pluto’s orbit around the sun takes about 248 years
19. The biggest star in our galaxy is Sun
20. The nearest star to earth (excepting the sun), in our galaxy is Proxima centuri
21. Who was the first to observe sun-spots? Galileo
22. What is the sun-spots? These are cooler areas which move about on the sun’s surface and show up as dark spots.
23. The only planet in the solar system which rotate on its axis from East to West is Uranus
24. What is the distance between the earth and the sun? 150 x 10*10*10*10*10*10 km
25. How many times is sun bigger in size than the earth? 109 times
26. When was neutron,one of the particles of an atom,discovered? 1932
27. The sun’s heat and light energy reaches the earth by which mode of transmission? Radiation
28. How many days does the moon take to return to the same position among the constellations? 28 days
29. Which planet takes the least time to complete one revolution around the sun? Mercury
30. Name two planets which appear as ‘moving star’ in the eastern sky and ‘evening star’ in the western sky. Mercury and Venus
31. Name two planets lying between the sun & the earth. Mercury and Venus
32. Who was the first to determine that the day on the mars was,like ours,roughly 24 hours long? Giordano Bruno
33. How long does a sun-ray take to travel from the sun to the earth? 500 seconds
34. The comet named after Edmund Halley,reappears after the time interval of every 76 years
35. Titan,the largest moon in the solr system, is also the largest moon of Saturn
36. Who was the first person to measure the size of another planet Christian Huygens
37. Who was the first to speculate that Venus is completely covered with clouds Christian Huygens
38. The atoms are composed of how many kinds of elementary particles? Three
39. What name is given to the path of the sun amongst the stars in our galaxy? Ecliptic
40. The visible part of the sun is called Ionosphere
41. Which of the planets reflects back to space the highest percentage of light it receives from the sun than any other planet of the solar system? Venus
42. Who wrote the book “Harmonies of the World”? Johannes Kepler
43. What will happen if the Earth were to stop its rotatory motion on its axis? There will be no day and night as at present
44. In which part of the solar system is the sun located? Approx. at the centre of the system
45. Which of the planets turns on its axis in 24 hours and 37 minutes? Mars
46. Who was the first to measure the distnce round the earth? Eratosthenes
47. What percentage of the irregular surface of the Earth is covered with water? 80 %
48. Which planet was for the first time observed in 1930? Pluto
49. Which of planets has almost the same mass,size and density as the Earth? Venus
50. The temperature at the surface of the sun and its centre is respectively,about 6000 k
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