Physics one liners for various competitive examinations

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Physics one-liners for various competitive examinations

Welcome to the Physics Section page.

We know the importance of general awareness, GK (General Knowledge) in various competitive exams for aspirants.

We are publishing general awareness notes and study material on various subjects daily.

These Physics notes are extremely useful for all exams including Bank Exams.

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1- First law of Thermodynamics is a special case of
a- Boyle’s law.
b-Charles law
c-Law of conservation of energy.
d-Law of conservation of momentum

2-The change in internal energy of the gas and workdone by the gas in an adiabatic process are
c-Only numerically equal.
d-No relation.

3-The internal energy of ideal gas is independent of the gas in bulk but depends only on the

4-In an isothermal process the specific heat is

5-The internal energy of a system changes when it undergoes
a- an isothermal process
b- a cyclic process
c- an adiabatic process
d- any process in which the heat given out by the system is equal to the work done on the system.

6-Heat can not by itself flow from a body at lower temperature to a body at higher temperature is a statement or consequence of
a-conservation of momentum
b-conservation of mass
c-Ist law of thermodynamics
d- second law of thermodynamics.

7-Some quantity of heat is given to a substance. The quantity which determines the temperature of the body is
a- Specific heat
b- Mass
c- Water equivalent
d-Thermal conductivity

8-Zeroth law of thermodynamics was formulated by
c- R.H Fowler

9-If a bullet is suddenly stopped the rise in temperature is independent of
a- Material of the bullet.
b-Mass of the bullet.
c-Velocity of a bullet.
d-All the above.

10-Is it possible to change the temperature of a gas without supplying heat
a-Possible in an adiabatic process.
b-Possible in isothermal process.
c-Possible in isochoric process.
d-Possible in isobaric process.


Ans- 1- c; 2-c; 3-d; 4-c; 5-c; 6-d; 7-c; 8-c; 9-b; 10- a 

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