Polity -Important One Liners For Various Exam

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1- The Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission is appointed by President.
2-The executive authority of a state is vested in the Governor.
3-Governor is the constitutional head of the state in the same way as President is the Constitutional head of the Union.
4-The correct chronological order of creation of Assam, Nagaland, Goa & Mizoram is Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Goa
5-A Judge of the Supreme Court (and also High Court) can be removed from his position by President only on the ground of proved misbehaviour or incapacity.
Each house, in order to remove the judge, will have to pass a resolution which is supported by 2/3rd of members present and voting.
6- The minimum years of age for candidate for office of the Vice-President is 35 years.
7-The concept of fundamental duties of Indian constitution was borrowed from Constitution of Socialist Countries such as Russia.
8-The concept of Public Interest Litigation originated in Canada.
9-Article 246 of the Constitution mentions the Union List, State List and Concurrent List.
10-78(2) Article of Indian Constitution empowers the President to call for information from the Government.
11-The Preventive Detention Act has a restraining effect on Right to Freedom.
12-The Inter-State Council is extra-constitutional and extra legal device (s) for securing cooperation and coordination between the States in India.
13-7th Lok Sabha was dissolved before expiry of its normal term and mid-term elections ordered.
14-Ninth Schedule contain ‘Laws’ which are protected from judicial scrutiny.
15-Jyoti Basu is the longest serving Chief Minister in India.
16-The powers of the Election Commission are given in Article 329 of the Constitution.
17-Kamlapati Tripathi was the first Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.
18-Time limit for filing different kinds of suit is prescribed in Limitation Act
19-The Constitution of India guarantees six types of fundamental rights.
20-The Rajya Sabha is a permanent house but one-third of its members retire every two years.
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