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Science and Technology Latest Development


  1. Why did Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft crash into the moon, and what issues did it encounter?
  2. What was the goal of Russia’s lunar mission with Luna-25, and what significant aspect did it share with India’s Chandrayaan 3?
  3. What new features has Google-owned YouTube introduced for Sunday Ticket subscribers ahead of the NFL season?
  4. According to a new study, what health risks are associated with wearing an Apple Watch or Fitbit wristband?
  5. Who was John Warnock, and what role did he play in the founding and development of Adobe?
  6. Why did X (formerly Twitter) remove most pictures and linked tweets before December 2014, and what might be the cause behind this action?
  7. What new feature will X (formerly Twitter) soon roll out, and what will users be able to do with this feature?
  8. What upcoming release is expected from Meta, and what version has been missing since the launch of Threads?
  9. What new text formatting tools is Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp reportedly working on?
  10. How is the “Code Block” feature expected to enhance the sharing and reading of code on WhatsApp?


  1. Russia’s Luna-25 spacecraft crashed into the moon due to unspecified issues encountered while entering a pre-landing orbit, causing it to spin into an uncontrolled orbit.
  2. With Luna-25, Russia aimed to achieve the first soft landing on the lunar south pole, sharing the same general time and area as India’s Chandrayaan 3.
  3. Google-owned YouTube introduced features including monthly payment plans, live chat/polls, real-time NFL highlights, multiview, key plays, and student plans for Sunday Ticket subscribers.
  4. A new study revealed that Apple Watch or Fitbit wristbands can harbor harmful bacteria linked to fever, diarrhea, and a weakened immune system.
  5. John Warnock was the co-founder of Adobe alongside Charles Geschke, known for creating Adobe PostScript, a technology pivotal in the rise of desktop publishing.
  6. X (formerly Twitter) removed most pictures and linked tweets before December 2014, potentially due to a cost-cutting move or a technical glitch.
  7. X (formerly Twitter) will roll out a job search feature, allowing users to find jobs directly on the platform.
  8. Meta will reportedly release the web version of Threads this week, addressing the absence of a web version since its launch.
  9. Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on new text formatting tools including a “Code Block” feature for sharing and reading lines of code conveniently.
  10. The “Code Block” feature on WhatsApp is expected to enhance the readability and convenience of sharing code snippets.

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