Space Current Affairs

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Space Current Affairs

Learn Some Space Current Affairs in the form of questions and answers.

Q: What is the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) planning to launch?
A: ISRO is planning to launch its own Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) satellite.

Q: Which city is set to play a key role in the development of India’s quantum communication capabilities?
A: Ahmedabad.

Q: What notable achievement did ISRO-SAC accomplish in March 2020?
A: ISRO-SAC demonstrated free-space quantum communication across a distance of 300 meters.

Q: What does Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) rely on for its security?
A: QKD relies on the principles of quantum physics rather than traditional mathematical calculations.

Q: Who is set to fly Indian astronauts to the International Space Station next year?
A: The United States.

Q: How many Indian Air Force (IAF) officials have undergone astronaut training in Russia for India’s Gaganyaan programme?
A: Four IAF officials have undergone astronaut training.

Q: What is the NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR)?
A: NISAR is an earth observation satellite jointly built by NASA and ISRO.

Q: Where will the NISAR satellite be launched from?
A: The NISAR satellite will be launched from the Sriharikota rocket port in Andhra Pradesh.

Q: Who was the first country to fly Indian astronauts to space?
A: Russia, in 1984.

Q: What is the name of India’s own human space mission?
A: The name of India’s own human space mission is Gaganyaan.

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