Physics – Stars and the Solar System -Important Points

    Physics Stars and the Solar System 1-Sundial -A Clock based on shadows of an object due to Sunlight . 2-Celestial Bodies -The heavenly bodies are known as celestial bodies. 3-Local noon -The time when the shortest shadow occurs is called the local noon time at that place. 4-Dakshinayanam – When the Sun looks … Read more

Physics -Important Points To Remember

Physics – Important Points * Colour Blindness was first discovered by Horner (1976) * 3D image is known as Hologram * Human eyes have convex lens * Raman effect is related to Scattering * Heat energy are transmitted as Infra Red Rays * Speed of Light is maximum in Vaccum * Focal Distance of lens … Read more

Physics – Matter Concept – Important One Liners To Remember

Matter – Solution – Important Points , Concept 1- Early Indian philosophers classified matter in the form of five basic elements – the ‘Panch Tatva’– air, earth, fire, sky and water 2-Kelvin is the SI unit of temperature, 00 C =273.16 K. For convenience, we take 00 C = 273 K after rounding off the … Read more

Physics -Important One Liner

Physics 1-Boyle Law holds good for any gas at Low temperature and high pressures 2- The plastic material commonly used for making gear wheels is Nylons 3-When the Barometer reading suddenly dips, it is an indication of Storm 4-The substance which conducts current in the solid state is graphite 5-Holography is a technique of recording … Read more