Physics – Concept – Important One Liners To Remember

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Physics -Concept – Important One Liners

*  One mega watt hour (MWH) is equal to 3.6 × 109 joule
*  The Element of an electric heater is made of Nichrome
* At – 40o Celsius temperature are the temperature on Celsius and Fahrenheit scales equal
 * When water is heated from 0o Celsius to 100o Celsius, the volume of water First decrease , then increase
* Einstein got the Nobel prize for Photo-electric effect
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
* Gas law was given by Boyle
* The Period of revolution round the sun is maximum by  Mars
* Persistence of vision is the principle behind Cinema
* Galvanometer can be converted into a voltmeter by using High resistance in series
* Fire in the diesel engine is produced by Compression
* Kilowatt – hour is a unit of Power
* The ozone layer protects us from Ultra violet rays
* Ampere-hour is the unit of Amount of charge
* Roentgen discovered X-Rays
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
* Red, Green, Blue are primary colors
* Light from the laser is Monochromatic
 * Iron  metal is commonly used for making an electromagnet
 * The weight of a body is Maximum at the poles
* Choke is used to Reduce the current in AC circuit
 * In a standing wave the distance between a node and adjacent antinode is λ / 4
 * One Kilo Calorie heat will be equal to 4.2 x 103 Joule
* Only one part of moon can be seen from earth because the period of rotation and revolution are equal
* Blisters are formed more rapidly by the steam of boiling water in comparision to boiling water itself because Stream has latent heat
* The I.C Chip used in a computer is made up of Silicon
* Ball pen works on the principle of Capillarity and surface tension
* Parsec is a unit of Astronomical distance
* Growth of the baby in the uterus is found using Ultra sound
* Lightning conductors are made up of Copper
* Prithivi  is the surface to surface missile that is made in India
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