Tue. Dec 5th, 2023
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General Awareness -One Liners

Watch a list of National Flowers in different Countries-

Names of Countries- National Flower


Austria- Edelweiss

Afghanistan- Tulip

Australia- Golden Wattle

Argentina- Ceibo

Barbados- Pride of Barbados

Bangladesh- White Water Lily

Belgium- Red Poppy

Bermuda- Blue-eyed Grass

Bolivia- Kantuta and Patuj├║

Bhutan- Blue Poppy

Bulgaria- Rose

Brazil- Tabebuia Alba

Cuba- Mariposa

Chile- Copihue

Cyprus- Cyclamen

Colombia- Cattleya Orchid

Denmark- Red clover

England- Rose, Tudor Rose

Egypt- Lotus

France- Iris

Finland- Lily of the Valley

Germany- Cornflower

Hungary- Tulip

Israel- Cyclamen

Indonesia- Puspa Bangsa

India- Lotus

Iraq- Rose

Ireland -Shamrock

Jordan- Black Iris

Japan- Cherry Blossom

Malaysia- Hibiscus

Myanmar- Padauk

Mexico- Dahlia

Netherlands- Tulip

New Zealand- Kowhai

Norway- Saxifrage

Philippines– Jasminum Sambac

Pakistan- Jasmine

Puerto Rico- Flor de Maga

Poland- Corn Poppy

Portugal- Lavender

Russia- Chamomile

Romania- Dog rose

Sri Lanka- Blue Lily

Scotland- Thistle

South Africa- King Protea

Singapore- Vanda Miss Joaquim

Switzerland- Edelweiss

South Korea- Hibiscus

Spain- Carnation

Thailand- Golden Shower

Taiwan- Plum Blossom

United States of America- Rose

Vietnam- Lotus

Zimbabwe- Flame Lily

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