GK/General Awareness/G-Studies- One Liners

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General Awareness- One Liners


National Birds in Different Countries- A List

Names of the Countries- National Bird


Australia- Emu


Afghanistan- Eagle

Austria- Barn Swallow

Argentina- Rufous Hornero

Bermuda- Bermuda Petrel

Barbados- Brown Pelican

Bangladesh- Oriental Magpie Robin

Bolivia- Condor

Belgium- Common Kestrel

Brazil- Macaw

Bhutan- Common Raven

China- Red Crowned Crane

Chile- Condor


Cuba- Cuban Trogon

Colombia- Andean Condor

Denmark- Mute Swan

France- Gallic Rooster

Gallic Rooster
Gallic Rooster


England- European Robin

Finland- Whooper Swan

Germany- White-tailed Eagle

Hungary- Saker Falcon

Saker Falcon
Saker Falcon

Indonesia- Javan Hawk Eagle

India- Peacock

Israel- Hoopoe

Ireland- Lapwing


Iraq- Chukar Partridge

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