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Adventure Facts

No. Question Answer
1. What does the Japanese word ‘Karate’ mean literally? Open hand
2. With which water sport are jumping,slaloming and trick riding associated? Water Skiing
3. Which sport was a traditional English ‘pub’ game? Darts
4. Which modern martial art was developed from ‘Jujitsu’? Judo
5. Which game is played at the Embassy World Professional Championship? Snooker
6. What sport is ‘angling’? Fishing
7. With what sport would you associate ‘alley’ or ‘lane’? Bowling
8. Which city is known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’? Singapore
9. Which capital city is said to be the oldest in the world and in which country it is located? Damascus,the capital of Syria
10. Which is the largest city in Africa? Cairo,capital of Egypt
11. What was Christopher Columbus’s nationality? Italian
12. At the mouth of which river is Hong Kong situated? Perl River
13. Which Central American nation was formerly known as British Honduras? Belize
14. After whom was Bolivia named? Simon Bolivar
15. Which two countries enjoy the highest standard of living in S.America? Venezuela & Argentina
16. Where is the Carribean Sea? Between West Indies & South America
17. Name the only ape that can stand and walk upright? Gibbon
18. Which are the countries linked by the Karakoram Highway? China & Pakistan
19. What does leser mean? Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
20. Which sea seperates Japan from the main-land of Asia? The sea of Japan
21. What is a group of dolphins called? Scholl
22. What is a male ant called? A dron
23. Name the mosquito which spreads malaria? The female Anopheles mos quito
24. Istanbul is a major city of Turkey. What was its former name? Constantinople
25. Where is the headquarters of World Meterological Organisation? Geneva
26. Name the countries having the veto power in the U.N. Security Council. U.S.A.,USSR,UK,FRANCE & CHINA
27. What is called the “Roof of the World”? The pamirs in Central Asia
28. Name the only planet that was discovered in the 20th century. Pluto
29. What is the boundary between Russia & Poland called? The Curzon Line
30. How much time does the light take to reach the Earth from the sun? A little more than 8 minutes
31. What is the source of all energy on earth? The energy from the sun
32. Which famous swimmer is known as the ‘Albatross’? Michael Gross
33. Where was the martial art taekwon do developed? Korea
34. Who developed taekwon do? Gen.Choi Hong Hi of Korea
35. Which mountain ranges in Spain & California have the same name? Sierra Nevada
36. Which batsman has scored most runs in a day in Test Cricket? Australia’s Don Bradman 309 n.o. against England at leeds in 1930
37. Which team won a one dayer twice with a six off of the last ball? Pakistan
38. How many Indians have taken nine or more wickets in an innings in a Test Match? 4 -Kapil Dev,Subhash Gupta,Jasu Patel & Anil Kumble
39. Which is the largest plant in the world? The Bis Trees of California
40. What is ‘smog’? Smoke -laden fog
41. Who is called the light of the world? Jesus Christ
42. Which is the major language of Egypt? Arabic
43. What does the phrase ‘cakes and ale’ mean? A carefree or easy living
44. What is the language of Chile? spanish
45. Which country is called the ‘Land of Golden Fleece’? Australia
46. Which city of Russia had the old name St.Petersburg? Leningrad
47. Name the only bird which can fly backward as well as forward The hemming bird
48. Name the longest river of Canada Mackenzie
49. Name the highest military decoration of France. Croix de Guerra
50. Which gas is commonly used in electric bulbs? Neon
51. Which European city was founded in 1050,destroyed by fire in 1624, and rebuilt? Oslo,capital of Norway
52. What are plants that grow in water called? Hydrophytes
53. Which insect makes the loudest noise? The mle cicada
54. To which country does Greenland belong? Denmark
55. What is the other name for graphite? Plumbago or black lead
56. To which galaxy does the earth belong? The Milky Way
57. Where are the largest deposits of platinum found? Ural Mountains,U.S.S.R.
58. Name the only mammal that flies. The Bat
59. How would you recognize the leader of a wolf pack? The leader holds his tail straight out,while others tails droop.
60. What is a baby rabbit or squirrel called? Bunny
61. What is the study of evil spirits and demons called? Demonology
62. What is a group of Kangaroos called? Mob
63. Which language is most dominant in Latin America? Spanish
64. Who said that ‘Well begun is half done’? Horace
65. Name the border line between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Durand Line
66. Who said that ‘Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind? Albert Einstein
67. Name the longest river of Australia. Murray
68. Name the highest mountain in Canada. Logan
69. Name the only Shakespeare’s play that included a dog. Two Gentlemen of Verona
70. Which city is called the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’? Oxford
71. After which emperor was July named? Julius Caesar
72. Name the king of England who built the Tower of London. King William I
73. After Amazon, which is the major river of South America? Paraha
74. Which king of France was called the Citizen King? Louis Phillippe
75. Who first discovered radioactivity? Marie Curie
76. Aesop has been attributed with famous fables. What did he work as? He was a slave
75. Who is known as the ‘Maid of Orleans’? Joan of Arc of France
78. From which country did the Portugese bring tobacco to India in 1508? Peru
79. Which European country is known as the ‘Land of Cakes’? Scotland
80. Name the ethical practice in Jainism, of not causing harm to any living thing. Ahimsa
81. Which is the longest strait in the world? Tartar Straits
82. In which part of the world is the river Snake? U.S.A.
83. Which is the tallest race in the world? The Tutsi,they live in Central Africa and have an average height of 185 cms. or 6 ft. 1 inch.
84. Name the International Line forming the border between India and China on the eastern side. The Mc Mohan Line
85. Which is the largest port in the world? New York Har
86. Which is the longest river in Asia? The river Ob(5538 kms) in the U.S.S.R.
87. Of which crop is Bangladesh the greatest producer in the world? Tasmania
88. What is the science of coins & medals called? Numismatic
89. What is amnesia? Loss or impairment of memory
90. What is a young cow called? Heifer
91. Which language is known as Cape Dutch? Afrikaans
92. Which batsman scored a century in a First Class Match without a single boundary? Bill Woodfull of Australia; 118 runs
93. Which bowler has taken Gavaskar’s wicket the maximum times? D.Underwood of England 12 times
94. What is the record for most runs scored in a Test match? G.Gooch of England. 456 runs (333 & 123 against (India) at Lord’s in 1990-91.
95. What is the record for most sixes hit in an innings in First class cricket? 15 sixes.Hit by Johan Reid,Wellington v/s Northern Districts,1962-63
96. Who is the youngest player to score a double century in Test Cricket? Javed Miandad.He was 19 years,141 days when he scored 206 against N.Zealand at Karachi in 1976-77.
97. Where are the world’s largest diamond and gold mining areas? Kimberley in South Africa
98. Which is the largest silver producing country in the world? Mexico
99. What was the former name of Ghana? Gold Coast or ‘Land of Gold’.
100. Which is the largest bay in the world? In area,the Bay of Bengal is the largest.However,in shore line length, the Hudson Bay is the largest
101. Which is the largest delta formed by two rivers? That created by the Ganga & Brahmaputra in West Bengal and Bangladesh
102. Which is the deepest lake in the world? Ozero (lake) Baykal in Central Siberia
103. Can the giraffe outspeed the Kangaroo? Yest. At 35 miles (56 km) an hour
104. How many claws does a crab have? Five pairs
105. Name the largest freshwater lake. Lake Superior
106. Name the most poisonous fish. Stonefish
107. Mafia is a secret society operating in different parts of the world. Which place is considered to be its origin? Sicily Italy
108. Name the fastest fish in the world. Atlantic Sailfish
109. Who founded the Maurya dynasty in ancient India? Chandragupta Maurya
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