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Special Features of the Countries

No. Country Special Features
1. Bangladesh Produces 89 p.c. of the world’s raw jute.
2. Belgium is the most densely populated country in Europe. Antwerp is the world’s biggest diamond-trading centre.
3. Brazil is the largest State in south America both in area and population. It leads the world in the production of Coffee and Castor beans.
4. Chile In chile the only natural nitrate in the world is found. About 47 p.c. of the world’s iodine is obtained as a by-product in nitrate processing.
5. Columbia produces 95 p.c. of the world’s gem emarelds.
6. Cuba Is the second largest cane-sugar producer in the world. India being first in cane-sugar production.
7. Denmark The oldest Kingdom of Europe,is a constitutional monarchy.
8. Equador Equador is the world’s chief source of supply of balsa, a light wood. It exports more bananas than other country.
9. Ghana Ghana is the world’s leading cocoa producer. About 40 p.c. of world output is produced by Ghana.
10. Indonesia Is the main producer of petroleum in the far east.
11. Italy Is the world’s largest producer of mercury.
12. Jamaica Is the world’s largest producer of bauxite.
13. Japan Is the most highly industyrialized country in the Far East. It is the biggest Ship-building nation and the fourth largest auto market in the world.
14. Kenya Is the largest producer of tea in Africa.
15. North Korea Is a leading country in the output of tungsten, graphite and magnesite.
16. Kuwait Is the world’s second largest exporter and fourth largest producer of crude oil.
17. Malaysia Is the world’s largest producer of rubber and tin.
18. Mexico Is the world leader in the production of silver, sisal, hemp and circle for chewing gum.
19. Monaco Is the smallest state in the world with the largest density of population per square mile.
20. Nepal Is the only Hindu independent State in the world. Mount everest, the highest mountain peak in the world (29028 ft) issituated in Nepal. Nepal has produced the toughest fighting men in the world. It is the world’s best rice-producer.
21. Nicaragua Is the largest of the Central American States.
22. Norway Is the land of the Midnight Sun where the sun does not set from the middle of May until the end of July. The sun does not rise above the horizon from November 18 to January 23. Varicoloured Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are visible in winter.Norway is a great sea-faring nation and its merchant marine is now the third largest in the world.
23. Peru Ranks fifth in the world in silver mining and produces 25 p.c. of the world’s vanadium. It is the world’s top fishing country.
24. Portugal Leads in the world in the production of Cork.
25. South Africa Leads the world in production of gold,diamonds,platinum and antimony and is one of the richest in uranium,vanadium, chrome, manganese and asbestos.
26. Sri Lanka Is the largest tea exporting country in the world.
27. Sudan Is the world’s principal source of gum arabic.
28. Turkey Is the largest producer of chrome in the world.
29. Uganda Is the largest coffee producer in the British Commonwealth.
30. USSR Is the largest country in the world. It is the richest country in the world in mineral resources having deposits of almost every known mineral. It ranks among the top producers of oil, chromite, iron ore, petroleum, gold,copper,manganese,aluminium, platinum,asbestos, salt, etc.
31. Zaire Is the world’s largest producer of industrial diamond and cobalt. Other minerals are gold, silver, tin, zinc, iron, copper, tungsten, manganese, uranium, radium, etc.
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