Agriculture – Agriculture in India -Important Points

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Agriculture in India -Important Points


1- The history of Agriculture in India dates back to Indus Valley Civilization Era and even before that in some parts of Southern India.

2-India ranks second worldwide in farm output.

3-India exported $39 billion worth of agricultural products in 2013, making it the seventh largest agricultural exporter worldwide and the sixth largest net exporter

4- India is the second largest producer of wheat and rice, the world’s major food staples.

5- India ranked in the world’s five largest producers of over 80% of agricultural produce items, including many cash crops such as coffee and cotton, in 2010.

6-The per capita supply of rice every year in India is now higher than the per capita consumption of rice every year in Japan

7-Aquaculture and catch fishery is amongst the fastest growing industries in India.

8-Over 2500 years ago, Indian farmers had discovered and begun farming many spices and sugarcane.

9-The state of Punjab led India’s green revolution and earned the distinction of being the country’s bread basket.

10-Agricultural scientist MS Swaminathan has played a vital role in the green revolution.

11-In 2013 NDTV awarded him as 25 living legend of India for outstanding contribution to agriculture and making India a food sovereign country.

12-Two states, Sikkim and Kerala have planned to shift fully to organic farming by 2015 and 2016 respectively.

13-Farm credit is regulated by NABARD, which is the statutory apex agent for rural development in the subcontinent.

14-The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), established in 1905, was responsible for the search leading to the “Indian Green Revolution” of the 1970s.

15-In 2015, Narendra Modi announced to double farmer’s income by 2022.

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