Agriculture- Important One Liners- Sept 26, 2017

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Agriculture- Important One-Liners- Sept 26, 2017

1-The iron and steel industry is generally located near the coal mines.

2-The fuel that launched the Industrial Revolution is Coal.

3-About 90% of the Earth’s people live on 10 % of the land

4-Bangladesh is considered the most densely populated country

5-Areas with extreme Climates tend to be sparsely populated

6-In Africa, rural population doubled between 1950 and 1985

7-Desertification occurs in the semi-arid lands


8-India has 20% of the Population but the water available is 4%

9-Droughts, erosion and global warming are caused due to Deforestation

10-Freshwater of the Earth is only 0.03%

11-The first artificial satellite launched by the Soviet Union was Sputnik I

12-Water table is lowered when the mining activity increases

13-The density of population in Asia is 203.

14-Scandinavians prefer to live in Isolation.

15-Shifting agriculture in Brazil is known as Roco

Jhum Cultivation
Shifting agriculture

16-In commercial farming, crops are raised on a large scale

17-Rice is a tropical crop

18-Wheat is a temperate crop

19-The most intensively cultivated areas of the world are lowlands.

20-Coffee needs dry Conditions during harvest time

21-Commercial farming is common in North America

22-Mixed farming is found in well-developed parts of the world

23-Cotton grows well in Black soil

24-Tea is a Tropical shrub

25-India and Bangladesh are the leading producers of Jute

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