Agriculture Important One Liners

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1-The scientific study of soil is called pedology.

2-The Minimum Support Price for Foodgrains was introduced in the year 1964.

3-Triticum aestivum, the common bread wheat is hexaploid.

4- In 1966 , the adoption of High Yielding Variety Programme in Indian Agriculture has started.

5-The Black rust of disease of wheat is caused by puccinia graminis.

6-Vector of phyllody disease is thrips.

7-The Commission of Agricultural Costs and Prices fixes the support price.

8-Fire curing is followed in Chewing type tobacco

9-CH4 gas is released from paddy fields

10-Sugarbeet Nematode is Heterodera schacti

11-Ratna is a variety of Rice.

12-Botanically pineapple is a Sorosis

13-Gynodioecious varieties of papaya produce only female plants

14-WP abbreviates as Wettable Powder

15-The chemical, which is used for controlling the mites, is known as Mematicides

16-The book ‘Mutation Research’ is written by Muller.

17-Blue colour tag is issued for Certified seed

18-Caenocytic mycellium is found in Ascomycotina

19-Citrus tristeza virus is transmitted through Plant hopper


20-The average gestation period in buffalo is 310 days

21-Louis Pasteur has first time seen the micro-organism

22-Bacteriophage virus is the Bacterial virus

23-Beetles belong to order Coleoptera

24-Piercing and sucking type mouth-parts are present in the insect Hemiptera

25-The chemical, which attracts opposite sex insects of a species, is known as Pheromones

26- Classification of insects and rules of their nomenclature comes under the branch Taxonomy

27-Biofertilizers are culture of micro-organism

28-Photorespiration is inhibited by CMU and DCMU

29-The ratio between marketable crop yield and water used in evapotranspiration is known as Field water use efficiency

30-National Sugar Institute (N.S.I.) is located at Kanpur.

31-Thermophilic micro-organism grow well at temperature 50°C – 60°C

32-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute is located at Karnal.

33-‘Chanchal’ is a variety of Chilli.

34-Pink bollworm is a pest of Cotton

35-Red Delicious is a variety of Apple.

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